Application for admission must be submitted on prescribed forms issued from the school office. Students seeking admission to class 2-12 should appear for an entrance test conducted on specified date. Marks scored in AISSE (CBSE-Std X) along with other criteria set by the Governing board each year, will be the criteria for admission to Std. XI.

Marks scored in examinations conducted by other boards/schools/universities, recognized by CBSE as equivalent to AISSE will also be considered.

All direct admissions to Std. IX, X, XI and XII will be provisional, subject to the approval of CBSE.

Transfer Certificate (TC) from the previous school must be submitted at the time of admission to Std. II to XII.

Authentic proof of date of birth must be submitted for admission to play school, KG and Std. I. in case of delay in getting TC/proof of date of birth, provisional admission will be offered. However, the student should submit them in or before the commencement of regular classes. Otherwise the admission will stand cancelled.

Transfer Certificate

Transfer Certificate issued from schools recognized by the Government must be submitted at the time of admission by all those who join classes above Std I. In the case of Inter-State transfer, the TC must be countersigned by the concerned District Education Officer or Regional Officer of CBSE.


Unit test, mid-semester examination and semester examinations are held regularly and progress reports will be made available to parent during the open house conducted after main examinations. Promotion to the upper class is based on the marks scored in various tests and examinations held during the year.


Leave letters should be given to the school for any absence of the pupil from the class. Medical certificate must be attached with the leave letter for any prolonged absence due to illness. Parents/Guardians are requested to desist from the habit of collecting their children from the school for various reasons during school hours.


Textbooks and notebooks for all classes, belts and school bags should be purchased from the school store. They are sold at reasonable prices against cash payment.


The school has a fullfledged library with audio-visual facility managed by an experienced full time librarian.

Library cards will be issued to pupils from Std V-XIII. They are allowed to borrow and keep a book in custody for a week. They can keep it for one more week if renewed and thereafter a fine of Re. 1/- per day will be charged up to a maximum which will be the cost of the book.

School Choir

A school choir leads the school every day in the morning and evening with hymns from Golden bells, Prayer and National Anthem. Those interested to become members of the choir are advised to contact Choir master Mr. Sajan Mathew.

Medical Inspection

Medical inspection is held annually by qualified and competent doctors and records kept.

Identity Cards

Laminated identity cards with photographs will be issued to all the pupils. This card will contain essential information about the child. This should be worn by the students on all working days.

Computer lab

There are two computer labs in the school – One lab, for computer awareness teaching and the other for the computer students of Std XI & XII with all the modern facilities. Internet and e-mail facilities are provided e-mail address is "". CS and Ed Nit for entrance coaching and XI & XII teaching is installed.


Conveyance to certain routes will be provided by the school management on request. Specific boarding points will be fixed. An application in the prescribed form must be submitted requesting for providing conveyance facility by school bus. Boarding passes will be issued at the time of approval of request/admission/beginning of the year. Parents should inform the school at the end of a term if conveyance is to be discontinued in the next term. Students are expected to carry valid boarding pass while travelling in the bus.


Withdrawal of students during the school year is not allowed except for reasons beyond the control of parents or guardians. If a pupil is withdrawn, the dues for the no. of terms studies must be cleared before obtaining the TC.

Schedule of Work

Pupils are expected to be in their classes at 9.15 am for attendance. Classes commence after prayer on all days. Assemblies are held weekly for senior and junior sections separately on a rotation basis.


Students are divided into four houses - blue, green, red and yellow. House captains and vice captains are appointed to organize inter-house competitions in games, sports and cultural activities. Selected students will represent the school in the Sahodaya CBSE schools competitions in sports, games and youth festival.

Payment of Fees

Special fees payable once in a year and tuition fee for the first term should be paid at the time of admission/provisional admission. Fees paid at the time of admission will not be refunded under any circumstance. All fees including conveyance fees are payable term wise in the beginning of each term. Fees for the current term has to be paid if a student leaves the institution after the beginning of the term classes. However term fees paid, if any, in advance will be refunded if a student leaves the institution before the commencement of the term. In all the classes, Transfer certificate will be issued only after clearing all dues.

Campus Discipline

School uniform is compulsory for all students (for details contact school office). Entry and exit of the students and all other persons will be strictly monitored by security personnel. Ragging, use of tobacco and alcoholic bevarages are prohibited in the campus. Carrying and using mobile phones or any other electronic devices by students is banned in the campus. Use of motor vehicles by students is prohibited in the campus. Violators will be subjected to strict disciplinery actions including dismissal.

Special Note

All students and parents should abide by the rules and regulations of the school. Rules and regulations for students and guidelines for parents and details of school uniform are given in the school diary. School fees tariff is given along with the prospectus and is also printed in the school diary. Quality school bags with the name of the school printed on it will be supplied through the school store. Students must bring only these bags to the school.

The management reserves the right to amend any of the standing rules and regulations and modify the school fees structure and conveyance charges.


Staff prayer 08.40 am - 08.45 am
Assembly 09.15 am - 09.30 am
Class hours: up to Std. X 09.20 am - 12.10 pm &
  12.40 pm - 03.20 pm
Std. XI, XII 08.30 am - 09.10 am
  09.20 am - 12.10 pm &
  12.40 pm - 03.20 pm
Office hours (on week days) 09.00 am - 04.00 pm
On Saturdays (except 2nd Saturdays) 09.15 am - 01.00 pm
Fee Collection 09.15 am - 12.00 noon &
  12.30 pm - 02.00 pm
Extra curricular activities 03.30 pm - 04.30 pm



  • Boys: LKG - Class IV
    Light blue short sleeved shirt with collar & blue black shorts.
  • Boys: Class V - X
    Light blue short sleeved shirt with collar & blue black trousers.
  • Girls: LKG - Class VI
    Light blue shirt blouse & blue black pina-fore.
  • Girls: Class VII - Class X
    Light blue shirt blouse with blue black vest coat & blue black trousers.
  • Class XI and XII
    Boys: Brownish grey trousers (normally stitched, low waist strictly prohibited) and half sleeved shirt of fawn color.
    Girls: Fawn colored chudidar top and brownish grey bottom and over coat.

- Footware: Black dress shoes & black socks.
- On Birthdays children are free to wear decent colored dress of their choice.
- Use of chappals is strictly forbidden even on rainy days.
- Belts: Belts with school emblem is compulsory for boys from I - XII and girls from I - VI, which is available through the store.
- School bags: School bags with the school name will be available through store and that alone will be allowed in school for all classes.


Tuition fee and conveyance fee must be paid to the school office in 3 installments, at the beginning of each term. There will be no fine in the first month of the term, but a fine of Rs. 10/- will be charged in the second month and Rs. 20/- thereafter for each month. Fine for each term will be treated separately. Local cheques are accepted at the school. If dues are not cleared before the last working days of the term, his/her name will be removed from the rolls after which the child will be re-admitted only after payment of all dues. Final results will be withheld if dues are not cleared in time.