General Rules
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General Rules

Mar Thoma Senior Secondary School, Kozhencherry

  1. Running, playing or shouting inside the school building is never allowed. No pupil may enter any other class room without permission.
  2. Any damage caused to the school property must be paid for.
  3. Students are expected to speak in English at all tomes once they are on the school campus.
  4. Students are expected to get up from their seats when a teacher or a visitor enters and greet him/her.
  5. Correct school uniform must be worn daily. This includes belts, bags, shoes, barding of hairs, clips, hair bands, etc. Cleanliness of person and clothes is expected of every child.
  6. During the absence of a teacher, each class monitor is responsible for the order and discipline of the pupils in the class.
  7. Electronic equipments including mobile phone, micro chip, pendrive, I-pod, etc. books, newspapers, periodicals, CD or DVD irrelevant to normal lessons should not be brought to school.
  8. For irregular attendance, habitual negligence of studies, disobedience, examination malpractice or conduct non conducive to the moral tone and discipline of the school, a pupil may incur punishment including suspension or dismissal from school.
  9. Any serious breach of discipline including discourtesy and disrespect to the members of the school staff in any way will be treated seriously.
  10. Students should not deface or dirty the walls, screens, notice boards, chalkboards, desks, benches or any other furniture. Writing of any kind on school property will lead to strict action including fine and /or suspension. Class rooms and surroundings should be kept tidy and clean. Litter should be put in the waste paper basket only.
  11. Students are forbidden to wear jewellery of any kind. Strict action will be taken against those who violate the rules.
  12. Pupils are themselves responsible for their books, pens, pencils, tiffin carrier, box and other valuables they may bring to the school.
  13. Parents & guardians are not to contact pupils & teachers without the permission of the Principal during school hours. Parents are to make complaint, if any, to the Principal and not to the class teacher.
  14. No child suffering from any contagious of infectious disease will be allowed to attend the school.
  15. Scripture or moral class is compulsory for all children.
  16. Pupils should wear the identity card over the uniform and should bring diary to the class daily:
    1. to write down homework/assignment
    2. for parents to communicate to the teachers or to the principal
    3. for teachers or the principal to communicate to the parents and
    4. for keeping a record of reading done at home, school or library.
  17. Girls Hair - If long, braided into two with black ribbon. White of black hair bank must be worn. If short, just hair band. Hair band only up to X. Colored clips, ribbons and hair bands are not allowed.
    Boys Hair - Close crop, medium size burn and well combed. Please use banian and insert shirt. Boys of higher classes are expected to be clean shaved. Beards of any kind is not allowed. Low waist pants are totally prohibited.
    Students who are not in proper uniform will be fined Rs. 10/- per day. Repeated offence will lead to more severe actions.
  18. Co Curricular Activities: It is compulsory for each student of Std. V to VIII to join any one of the clubs/groups listed below as part of the C.C.A program.
    1. Music Club
    2. Science Club
    3. Eco Club
    4. Indoor Games
    5. Yoga
    6. Karate
    7. Dance
    8. Arts Club
    9. Literary & Cultural Club
    10. Quiz Club
    11. School Choir
    12. Farming/Garden Club
  19. Student counseling: The school provides counseling to needed students through qualified counselors appointed by the school on Thursdays and Fridays. Students and parents are encouraged to avail this facility.